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Welcome to Stackupp, the straightforward comparison site for small business retailers and ecommerce entrepreneurs.

The small business software market is pretty noisy. There are dedicated apps for everything from site hosting to order fulfillment. And finding the solutions that are best suited to your business can be difficult.

We help you cut through the noise with our in-depth but concise reviews. Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-use site builder for your small shop or a comprehensive self-hosted ecommerce platform for your multi-store chain, we’ve got you covered.

Oh, and all our reviews are independent, impartial, and transparent. That should go without saying.

What’s our mission?

Our aim is simple: to help you improve your business by giving you the information you need to pick the best business software.

We understand that online retailers don’t want rambling, incomprehensible reviews of every single solution on the market. That’s why we distil only essential points and relevant facts and present them in a concise, easy-to-read way.

We want to give you all the relevant details in minutes rather than hours, enabling you to choose between alternatives and focus on what’s really important: making more sales and keeping your customers happy.

We’ve designed our review format with our readers in mind, not search engines. We display essential information clearly (like pricing, core features, and ideal users) and make liberal use of bullet points, side-by-side feature comparisons, and real customer reviews. You’ll also see plenty of practical examples and screenshots of software use.

How do we choose the best software?

We don’t overcomplicate the testing process. Our reviews and comparisons are based primarily on two things: first-hand testing and analysis of customer feedback.

We don’t overcomplicate the testing process. Our reviews and comparisons are based primarily on two things: first-hand testing and analysis of customer feedback.

On every review, you’ll see a short section titled “Best For…” with a quick-fire description of who will benefit most from a solution.

Whenever we review a new app, we’ll thoroughly investigate feature-sets, customer support, and general performance. To finish off, we spend time reading real customer reviews on forums and feedback sites like Trustpilot. While we rely first and foremost on our own testing, we find that user feedback helps to fill in gaps in our knowledge and highlight any recurrent issues.

How do we make money?

We money through affiliate fees on some of our reviews. If you decide to purchase a software subscription after visiting a site through a link on Stackupp, we’ll get a small fee.

We’re fastidious about maintaining our impartiality and do a few things to ensure there aren’t any conflicts of interest.

Most importantly, we won’t exclude a platform if it doesn’t have an affiliate scheme. Equally, we don’t hold back on any criticisms to encourage our readers to buy an app that does have a well-paying affiliate program.

Finally, we keep the financial and content sides of things completely separate. Writers don’t know if Stackupp will profit from a review. And the people responsible for monetization don’t have any say over content.

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