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Mark Hammersley

Mark Hammersley

Last updated 29o June 2020


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retailers of all sizes that are looking for a combined inventory-management and shipping app.

Ordoro is an inventory management and shipping app that’s ideal for retailers of all sizes, with plans for small, medium, and enterprise users. We were very impressed with the platform overall, and stand-out features include easy-to-use stock management tools, discounted shipping options (especially with USPS), a large library of integrations, and a comprehensive analytics dashboard.

The shipping features of the app are particularly notable. No platform that we’ve come across offers the same number of tools and options. Users can take advantage of an array of automations, discounted rates with a large number of carriers, and support for multiple channels.

The only downside is that it is a little US-centric. We also would have liked to see a Zapier integration.

Is Ordoro right for you?

retailers want an inventory management solution with advanced shipping features. Smaller store-owners can take advantage of the inexpensive shipping-only package but will likely find the cost of the whole solution untenable.


  • Inexpensive shipping-only package.
  • Extensive feature-set.
  • Large integrations library.


  • Pricing for the inventory management plan will likely be too high for smaller retailers.
  • Support is OK but not exceptional.
  • No Zapier integration.

Ease of Use

Rated 4/5 for Ease of Use

Overall, we liked the Ordoro dashboard. It’s straightforward and easy-to-use, with a clean interface. Dedicated areas for shipping, product management, purchase orders (POs), and analytics are accessed from a central toolbar across the top of the page.

Ordoro is a browser-based app, so there’s no need to download any desktop software.

What customers are saying...

“The software linked perfectly to my couriers and made shipping simple.”
“It's unbelievably functional for the price.”
“Easy to navigate and user friendly interface.”


Rated 4.5/5 for Features

We were very impressed with Ordoro’s feature-set. The platform shines in more or less every area, especially in regards to shipping functionality, integrations with third-party marketplaces, and minor features like bundling, custom workflows, and support for dropshipping.

Let’s kick off with the small handful of negatives. Ordoro doesn’t currently offer a mobile app, although you can access the dashboard through your mobile browser. We were also a bit dismayed by the lack of a Zapier integration. What’s more, some features, like warehouse integration, aren’t included in the core package, and will incur extra costs. It’s also worth noting that Ordoro doesn’t offer any manufacturing capabilities. Retailers that need software to manage deliveries of raw materials and production lines should look elsewhere.

On all other fronts, however, Ordoro excels expectations. All the usual features that retailers would expect, including multi-feature inventory management tools, integrations, fulfillment and reorder automation, barcode scanning, POS (point of sale), warehouse management, and more, are included.

The shipping toolkit is among the best in the industry. Retailers have access to an array of discounted prices from leading carriers, insurance, printer integration, and more.

Finally, users can take advantage of an assortment of reports and segmentation options through the analytics dashboard. These cover sales performance, shipping costs, and inventory metrics.


Rated 4/5 for Integrations

Ordoro has a large library of integrations. It’s not the most comprehensive we’ve seen, but retailers will find everything they need. Interestingly, Ordoro also provides a number of direct integrations with third-party marketplaces, making it a viable option for multichannel sellers. The SPS Commerce integration extends marketplace options even further.

There is also a strong focus on shipping and dropshipping functionality, and few competitors match Ordoro in this regard.

The only downside is that we would have liked to see a Zapier integration, which would allow users to connect apps which aren’t directly supported. But all in all, we couldn’t find much to complain about.

Ordoro excels when it comes to supported ecommerce platforms. Many inventory management apps that we’ve reviewed are compatible only with big brands like Shopify and Magento. Ordoro, on the other hand, syncs up with WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Volusion, 3dCart, Ecwid, and others. In terms of third-party marketplaces, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and Jet are all supported, along with some other smaller names like Reverb and Zoey.

Shipping connectors include USPS, FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, DHL, and Amazon SFP.

Users can also take advantage of Xero and Quickbooks integrations. Point-of-sale functionality is available through Shopify POS and Square.

How much does Ordoro cost?

Rated 3.5/5 for Pricing

Ordoro is a slightly mixed bag when it comes to costs. It’s an unusual solution in the sense that it’s suitable for retailers of all sizes, from independent store-owners to international brands.

Generally speaking, the complete inventory management and shipping solution, starting at $499/month, is suitable only for medium-sized and large retailers. There are more inexpensive apps on the market for smaller companies. The shipping-only solution, however, which gives users access to discounted rates and fulfilment features, is only $59/month, so may prove viable for smaller sellers.

Custom-priced plans, which include a dedicated account manager, are available for large enterprises.

Help and Support

Rated 3.5/5 for Help and Support

Ordoro support is very good on the whole. Users can access customer service via email and phone, Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM CST.

Ordoro also provides extensive documentation and video guides along with a forum for developers.

Onboarding support is available on all plans but does incur an extra cost. Retailers on the enterprise-level plan, which works on a custom pricing model, will also have access to a dedicated account manager.

It would have been nice to see a live chat option, and receiving support quickly might be tricky for people outside the US, but all in all we were very impressed.

The Bottom Line

Ordoro is one of the best solutions we’ve reviewed. It has an excellent set of features, an extensive integrations library with support for a large number of ecommerce platforms, and is priced competitively. While the costs of the two main plans make it more geared toward medium-sized retailers, smaller retailers with multiple team-members may also find it fits within their budget.

Ordoro offers the best shipping management capabilities of any solution on the market in our opinion, with support for most major carriers in the US and heavily discounted rates. Smaller retailers can also opt for an inexpensive shipping-only package.

The only caveat is that store-owners outside of the US and Canada may struggle with the integrations and US-based support.

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